Grønborg Consult

Course content 3 days:

Day 1

Presentation and reconciliation of expectations (clarification of level and needs)

Why use GPS?

Introduction to GPS

Measurement uncertainty and how to handle it

Review of GPS symbols and a bit about how they can/must be measured

Datum system, explanation and practical tasks

Day 2

Repetition of GPS symbols and use of datum

Use of modifiers

Use the maximum material principle, Taylor's principle and combined zones

Surface roughness

Surface imperfections


Review of the 8 Point Pyramid

GPS tasks, with practical problems. All assignments are reviewed in plenary

Day 3

Repetition of GPS symbols and modifiers etc.

GPS tasks with increasing difficulty and review of solutions

Possibly work with own drawings. Review from projector.

(Participants can bring drawings on USB or via their own PC on a projector)


DKK 24.999 for a team up to 12 participants

Teaching material DKK 190 per participant

Transport and hotel will be calculated in the offer